Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter is upon us.... again

DIRECTOR - CHRIS WALKER blogs this week on - "Photographs"

Where does time go ? Another year and it's Easter again.... the sun is shining and the lambs are in the fields, the daffodils are out and the Swallows are here.... It's going to be a good Summer. (Fingers crossed)

I've always been a keen photographer, really just to keep for the record and to look back on and cherish the memories. So as  I have been sorting through 70+ years worth of my Mum's photos I realise how much joy they can bring and how they stimulate memories... but in the modern age of digital media - we really don't have albums the same as we used to.

How many of you still keep up to date photo albums ??

We started life in the early days of digital media with Flickr - still one of my favourites - take a trip down memory lane with some of our older pics here

Now we've just joined the world of Instagram - join us here
where I'll be uploading some pics from the hotel and also some from our road trip around France and Spain. As a media savvy society we are keen to share and post our pictures to an instant world, but can we ever get them back, can we look back in time and re live the memories ?

But coming back to all the albums my Mother had painstakingly created I realise that we are in danger as a throw away society of losing at least a generations worth of printed memories to the digital age - I air caution to a younger generation - hang onto your pictures, they are a valuable reference point for the next generation. Print them off or create printed albums with them - maybe just one album of events from a specific year but print them off... in the world of digital media, hacking and cloud based storage one can never be too sure if all the digital memories we create will still be there in 10 years.

Sue and I are taking a few weeks off in May to tour through France and Spain to sample, naturally, the French cuisine, fine wine and Spanish Tapas - look out for some interesting pics heading onto Instagram whilst we are away. Douglas and the team are holding the fort and we'll be running a couple of where in the world is this competitions on the hotel's Facebook page in due course.

Wishing you all a happy Easter - don't forget to take lots of family photos... keep well and take care...

Here's a very bonny Highland Coo I came across the other day - can anyone guess where I took this picture ?


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