Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer menu lunches as sunshine continues

It's probably the busiest weekend for the UK,Wimbeldon, the British GP, the Tour de France from Yorkshire, The World Cup and our summer menu lunch.
After months of planning, trials and tests with sous vide and water bath techniques Head chef Paul Sommerville and team have launched our most adventurous menu yet. We hope you can get along to try it soon.
Using as many local ingredients and suppliers as possible the menu is the pioneer for the local food heroes launch in October where the hotel will showcase all the local suppliers in a photo gallery in the Bistro area. Local photographer Giles Atkinson has been commissioned to take photos of the individual suppliers to try and tie together how passionate the hotel and kitchen team are about sourcing local ingredients.
The menu takes on an authentic look, designed by Wolffe design in Edinburgh the menu continues to link the band product of the Selkirk and establish it as a seriously good food destination in Dumfries and Galloway along side the cosy 17 bedroom town house already established and popular.
You can check out the new menu and download your own copy here

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