Saturday, 1 March 2014

March madness, nearly but not quite Lent or a little self discipline ?

Co owner Sue Walker writes for the blog this week....

Once something is said , it cannot be unsaid and  sometimes the consequences have far reaching implications.

Today as 1st March was upon us I declared to Chris“ I am going to have a dry March “ Well, once he had picked himself up from rolling around the floor laughing.  My indignation set in. “What – you think I can’t do it?” – more floor rolling, clutching sides to contain his mirth , was followed with a bet for £100 being offered.  Of course the bet was accepted and I am determined to prove my strength of character and see it through.

You may be reading this , thinking I am a raving Alcoholic – No, but I do have a very healthy appreciation of the grape and love my wine – Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chablis, Pouilly Fumee,  ……… name just a few. Well, being in the catering trade all my working life I care to think of it as professional interest and by researching in my leisure time I am developing my knowledge which can only help me in a professional capacity …………… OK I know, a lame excuse, but  sounds good.

So a month of sobriety for me and I suspect much teasing from a few and an insufferable husband who will try and trip me up on the way as he is a tight Yorkshire man, not keen to part with his money !

The £100 will come in very handy now as I have just realised I have washed my IPhone 5 along with the weekly wash – ouch – I really should  get him to increase his bet !!!!

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