Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year - what will it bring ???

Happy new year....

And So here we are in 2015, what will this one bring ? Last year was a mixed bag really, a slow start to the season then a cracking summer period with long uninterrupted spells of sunshine which took us right through to mid October and then bang we are suddenly plunged into winter and dark nights. We've had some wonderful people staying with us and some amazing feedback.
We redeveloped the menus using the Sous Vide and water bath techniques, we refurbished a couple more rooms, we've said hello and goodbye to some of our amazing staff and now we've turned the corner and 2015 stretches out ahead of us.

No sooner had we cheered to the bells heralding another year then we were onto planning our year of Scottish Food and Drink. And what a year it is shaping up to be. Firstly our 2 course Scottish Game menu at £14 is tremendous value and showcases everything that is quality with Scottish Game.
Here's a really delicious tender breast of Mallard from the menu below
We're coming to the end of the shooting season now and looking forward to welcoming our Canadian friends once again thanks to Andrew Case of Forrest Estates who puts on an action packed program of clay pigeon shooting, driven pheasant days and walked up days. One of the best shoots locally over the years has been Mutehill and it is with great sadness that Saul and Barbara Patterson finish up there at the end of the season. I have had the pleasure of shooting there myself and must say that it is one of the best run and managed shoots I have ever been on. Good luck wherever you end up Saul and Barbara and thanks for many years of happy guns.

And so back to the year of Scottish Food and drink, it is with great pleasure that we present some stunning craft beers from the home of Scottish brewing, Belhaven Brewery.
Craft beers are growing in popularity, we have four top quality brews to offer you ... Craft Pilsner, a clean crisp and refreshing beer at 4.8%. Next up a strong complex and layered beer Speyside Oak aged at a whopping 6.5%abv, then a deep ruby rich nutty beer simply known as Scottish Ale at 5.2% and finally Twisted Thistle at 5.6% and what I would call a traditional India pale ale, bold, bitter and juicy.
By now you should be familiar with our Local food heroes, they are all hanging on the wall and appearing on menus and whenever we can promote local food. Our first local food menu has gone down a treat and head chef Paul Somerville and the team have started working on the next one which will once again hold a few surprises when it is launched early March 
Don't forget you can sign up to our text alert service by texting 60777 with the letters MCGNR and we will then send you foodie related offers and deals as and when we think them up !!!

At the end of January we will be hosting a Party Night with the theme of "Anything but Burns" not that we want to upset the Burns purists ( we did that many years ago with our toilet seats ) but we felt that Burns nights are predominantly male and so we thought let's have a party night to include the ladies and we promise not to mention Burns - that's scheduled for Friday 23rd January at £25pp for a 3 course dinner with coffee and a quiz, disco and party games.

When we hit February we'll be spicing things up with a Taste of India, again 2 courses for £14 running alongside our usual menu. Some great Scottish dishes with a twist, such as Haggis Pakoras and Galloway Lamb Koftas.... It will run Monday to Thursday lunch and dinner.

Then when we hit March we'll be showcasing another Taste of Italy menu. We ran this a couple of years ago when we recruited the famous Douglas Lisi from L'Aperatif in Stranraer, Douglas spent some time with me and the team teaching us just exactly how Mamma made it.... Again 2 courses for £14 is on offer.

And if all that isn't enough then come and have a couple of nights with us - we've got a great offer of any 2 nights for £79pp based on 2 sharing a twin or double room.... book now and come and see us.

Happy new year to you all, thanks for your support and see you soon

Chris, Sue and Douglas

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