Friday, 31 January 2014

A poem to brighten up your day by Sarah Clark

Every month I send out an e mail with all our deals and what's on news and I get quite a few regulars just acknowledging my communication and wanting to say hi which is lovely. Today however I got a rather nice poem written by one of our customers who was here visiting Kirkcudbright last summer.

Many thanks to Sarah Clark for sharing this with is

Reflections of a Walk by the Dee
by Sarah Clark

Driving along the banks of the River Dee
Across the water from Kirkcudbright
We stopped to walk along the shoreline

Enjoying the views and beautiful sunshine
Gathering pebbles as we walked along
Ears delighting in tuneful birdsong
We saw some fascinating things that day
But my favourite I just have to say
Is the magic pond I happened to spot
Formed in the lichen covered rock
In it was the sun reflected in all its glory
It surely must inspire a magical story
Perhaps the mermaids gather there
To use this mirror whilst brushing their hair
The fairies from the banks of the river Dee
Coming along to keep them company
If you meander along that watery way
Make it the right time of day
To see the sun shining bright

Out of the water in broad daylight

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